Monday May 9

  • 18.00 Optional Welcome reception with drink, Swedish dinner and coffee.

Tuesday May 10

  • 08.30 Coffee and registration
  • 09.00 Welcome address
  • 09.10 Keynote session  (Session chair:  Jens Zander)

Ali Hossaini, CEO Cinema Arts Network  – “How 5G is Transforming Arts, Culture & Creative Industry The advent of 5G mobile promises profound changes throughout society”
Erik Kruse, Ericsson : “Industry transformation in the Networked Society”
Jens Zander, KTH –  “Society Scale Cyber-Physical Systems – or is the dreaded ‘Killer-App’ back?”

  • 10.30 Coffee break
  • 11.00 Session 1: Transport Industry transformation:  (Session chair: Jens Zander)

Ulf Ceder, Scania :  “Future Connected Transports – Scania”
Karl-Henrik Johansson, KTH –  “Collaborative Road Freight Transport”

  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 Session 2: Industry automation (Industry 4.0)  (Session chair: Karl-Henrik Johansson)

Peter Burman, Boliden – “Why 5G can improve safety and productivity in underground mines”
Mikael Gidlund, MiUn – “Myths, truth, and challenges in industrial 4.0 and wireless automation”
Johan Stahre, Chalmers – “5G Connectivity in Advanced Production Systems – the missing link to smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0”

  • 14:45  Break
  • 15:15  Panel session: Industry transformation :  (Panel Chair:Karl-Henrik Johansson)

Peter Burman, Boliden
Mikael Gidlund, MiUn
Johan Stahre, Chalmers
Ulf Ceder, Scania
Torbjörn Lundahl, Ericsson

  • 17.00 Closing Day 1
  • 19.00 Dinner


  • Wednesday May 11

  • 08.30 Session 3: Future Architecture/Key Technologies (Session chair: Marina Petrova )

Erik Westerberg, Ericsson “5G: How can we accelerate the uptake in society and industry?”
Eckehard Steinbach, TU München, “What are the challenges of haptic communication and what do we need to support it in next generation networks?”
Jan-Erik Ekberg, Trustonic -“Hardware-rooted platform security – from mobile phones towards IoT and the Cloud”

  • 09.30 Coffee
  • 10.00 Panel session: Future Architecture/Key Technologies (Panel Chair: Marina Petrova)

Mauro Costa, Telia
Eckehard Steinbach, TU München
Erik Westerberg, Ericsson
Jan-Erik Ekberg, Trustonic
Lauri Oksanen, Nokia

  • 11.30 Lunch
  • 12.30 Session 4: “5G Update”  (Session chair: Magnus Frodigh)

Lory Thorpe, Vodafone  “LPWA and the Internet of Things Transformation”
Preben Mogensen, AAU/Nokia – “The 5G use cases of mMTC and URLLC – Requirements and technologies”
Guillaume Vivier, Sequans, “MTC and 5G”

  • 13.45 Break
  • 14.00 Panel session: “5G Update” (Panel chair: Magnus Frodigh)

Lory Thorpe, Vodafone
Preben Mogensen, AAU/Nokia
Guillaume Vivier, Sequans
Mats Svärdh, Telia

  • 15.30 Closing and coffee